Sustainable Subscription Boxes Worth Trying

Sustainable Living

The growing popularity of living a sustainable lifestyle is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity. More people want to try and live more sustainably but aren’t sure where to start. One easy step towards sustainability is exploring eco-friendly subscription plans.

Sustainable subscription plans or boxes are shipments you subscribe to and receive eco-friendly and sustainable products of all kinds regularly. There are a variety of subscription services that can be catered to your needs on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

The products in these subscription boxes range from household products to beauty and personal care products to eco-friendly food. Most of these subscription plans can be customized to curate the perfect subscription box for your personal preference. We recommend some popular options for sustainable subscription boxes that are worth trying.

Personal Care

Sustainable personal care subscriptions are widely available and very popular today. These boxes provide eco-friendly and sustainable personal care, hygiene, and beauty products to make your everyday routine eco-friendly.  

Essentials Crate is an excellent sustainable subscription box to try. Every box they make has a theme and contains products that complement each other. These products could be wellness products, travel products, or home and personal care products. Essentials Crate also donates a portion of its proceeds to different charities regularly.


Yes, there are sustainable subscription plans for clothes too! These boxes are designed to reduce your dependence on fast fashion and provide you with good quality, long-lasting, and still trendy clothes.

Some subscription boxes also act as consignment or thrift stores, sending you gently used, secondhand clothing to be as sustainable as possible. A good option for sustainable clothing subscriptions is thredUP Goody Boxes.

These boxes can be customized to fit your styling needs and wants, plus they also have themed boxes. They provide you with sustainable secondhand, high-quality clothing, and clothes can even be returned if you do not plan on wearing them (even though this might cause an increase in the carbon footprint of said clothes).  


Want to make the food you eat more sustainable? You could subscribe to a sustainable meal plan to make your meals as eco-friendly as you can.These subscription boxes are delivered in biodegradable, recycled, or recyclable packaging providing food sourced from ethically sustainable sources. Meal plans also help reduce food waste as they provide precise portions so that no food is leftover.  

Sunbasket is a sustainable meal planning option that offers its customers a lot of choices, and its boxes are entirely customizable. The materials they use in their packaging and shipments are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Sunbasket is also very transparent about where and how they source their ingredients.


Yes, even your pets can receive sustainable treats and toys! These plans are offered for different pets, from dogs to cats and even bunnies. Your pet would regularly receive new treats, toys, and goodies, all sustainable!

One option for readers who have dogs as pets is Pure Earth Pets. They deliver sustainable and organic treats and toys for your dogs monthly. If there is a treat or toy that your dog loves, you can continue to purchase it in their retail stores.