Podcasts To Help You Learn To Live Green

Sustainable Living

Green living and ecological practices are nothing new in our contemporary world. As the global population increases, it’s high time we start prioritizing sustainability and switching to environment-friendly ways that minimize pollution and preserve our natural resources.

It’s alright not to know how to adopt green living- you can always get inspiration from books, articles, and most importantly: learn from others. If you love listening to podcasts, it comes in handy as you delve into the mission of shifting towards ecological living.

You’d be astonished to know that several podcasts are based primarily on sustainability. Every episode is engaging, informative, and motivational, helping you understand the importance of green living and how you can switch to it slowly yet surely.

We list several of the best podcasts you can tune-up to for spending a meaningful time learning about conscious lifestyle choices.

Low Toxic Life

Available on Spotify, iTunes, and Stitcher, the podcast is hosted by Alexx Stuart and is based on vital information about our minds, bodies, and souls. It discusses diet, mental health, sleep, and even toilet paper consumption changing the world dynamics.

Hey Change

The podcast features a new guest in every episode and discusses climatic situations. It’s based on how we can embrace positive and ecological mindsets, offering tips and hacks for sustainable practices and improving mental fitness.

A Sustainable Mind

A sustainable mind is your go-to podcast if you want meaningful insight from changemakers and environmentalists. It offers suggestions and additional resources for listeners, answers frequently thought-for-queries, and discusses a new aspect of sustainability in every episode.

Green Dreamer

The podcast is hosted by Kamea Chayne and features reputable guests and influencers, including Tara Mackey, Bea Johnson and more. The episodes talk about meaningful solutions to create awareness about green living and how to incorporate that mindset into your practices, lifestyle, and work.

The Slow Home Podcast

Some podcasts can be too informative, resulting in low retention and confusion. But not with this one. The Slow Home Podcast is about taking the learning slow to maximize comprehension. It highlights the significance of changing steadily and prioritizing the right things in your life to avoid burnout.

Sustainability Defined

Learning and green living discussions can be hilarious, engaging, and immensely fun- and Sustainability Defined is the perfect proof of that. The podcast includes talks with expert environmentalists shedding light on what sustainability truly is to clear ambiguity, misconception, and confusion.

Wardrobe Crisis

The podcast is hosted by Clare Press, Wardrobe Crises: How We Went From Sunday Best To Fast Fashion. Each episode is a wholesome way of spending time learning about green living. Press evaluates existing fashion trends and system and their consequences on the environment and society. The episodes also promote sustainable brands to encourage listeners to buy from ecological businesses.

Final Thoughts

Above, we offered seven of the most spectacular podcasts on green living. Subscribe to them or download them to listen to as you run errands or travel on subways. They will uplift your spirits and help you implement environment-friendly lifestyles and mindsets quickly and effectively.