How American Companies Are Fighting Climate Change

Our Planet

American companies have made various promises on how they’re working to become climate-friendly in the next five or ten years. Despite all that they have pledged, let us look at the ways some of these companies are fighting climate change currently.

Using Renewable Resources

Headquartered in New York, Bloomberg is a private media company with financial, software, and data interests. In 2020, almost 50 percent of the energy purchased by the company came from renewable sources such as wind and solar power.

For Bloomberg’s office and print shop paper, 78 percent was made from recycled content. They have also partnered with food donation programs and encourage reusable items such as mugs in the offices. They diverted 76 percent of waste away from landfills in 2020 alone. Using renewable resources in all aspects of running a business can help encourage employees to adopt those practices in their personal lives.

Purchasing Energy Certificates

Hasbro, a toy company, achieved its 99.7% renewable energy goal by purchasing renewable energy certificates that support renewable energy production from solar, wind, thermal, etc., in their markets. They also purchase carbon offsets to address emissions by fuel usage, which support reduction projects to offset these emissions.

Hasbro is actively working on its toy recycling program and is committed to plastic-free packaging. They have extended their industry-first toy recycling program to six counties, including the U.S. The company also uses the Higg FEM to track their supply chain’s environmental impact.

By purchasing these certificates, companies invest in projects that help fight climate change by increasing renewable energy production and reducing fuel emissions.

By Advising Clients

BCG, a consulting group, has sustainability consultants who help clients improve their business model with a more climate-friendly vision. They help these businesses set a climate vision and take the initiative with targets to achieve.

It claims to have worked with an oil company to meet sustainability goals. BCG focuses on advising corporate clients to amend business models that create environmental and social benefits and move away from a make and waste model.

McDonald’s and Technology

This global fast-food chain launched a tracking platform in 2020 to monitor energy usage in its restaurants. From automated lighting to air conditioning, the restaurant chain is using technology to fight climate change.

The same year they also opened a 100 percent renewable energy-powered flagship restaurant in Orlando, Florida. It has plant-covered walls that absorb carbon dioxide and retain rainwater, solar parking lot lights, a rooftop with around a thousand solar panels, and automatic louvers for ventilation.

Your Favorite Brand?

The list of extensive work companies do may make you wonder why it’s difficult for American companies to fight climate change.  You can do your part by checking up on brands you’re loyal to and push them to create an environmentally-friendly initiative.

We all need to fight climate change together, and by holding corporations accountable and encouraging them to do better, these results can be achieved much faster. Time is running out, but every step counts.